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Wave Glider SV3 Launched

Wave Glider SV3 Launched


Wave Glider SV2 and SV3 together at sea.

Liquid Robotics today unveiled the Wave Glider® SV Series featuring the new high end Wave Glider SV3, the world's first hybrid wave and solar propelled unmanned ocean robot. The Wave Glider SV Series introduces the next generation of Wave Glider technology and includes the original Wave Glider now named the Wave Glider SV2. With scalability to the high-end Wave Glider SV3, you can now choose the Wave Glider that best fits your mission and budgetary requirements, or mix and match for complex operations.

The Wave Glider SV3 incorporates the latest advancements in energy harvesting technology, coupled with an innovative, hybrid wave and solar propulsion and energy system, to help customers explore the most challenging ocean extremes (doldrums, high currents, and hurricanes/cyclones) conditions.

The Wave Glider SV3 also includes technological advancements such as data center@sea, adaptable power and storage providing support for "power hungry" sensors, and a new, adaptable operating system designed for intelligent autonomy for fleet operations.

The exciting news is the investment customers have made in Wave Glider applications and sensors will be cross compatible with the higher-end Wave Glider SV3.

"The SV3 enables unparalleled, pervasive collection of data and processing of data," said CTO Roger Hine. "Riding the advancements in consumer electronics, smart phones, tablet computing and a new generation of extremely capable processors, we are now able to provide processing onboard - actually as powerful as a supercomputer from not long ago. With that computational power and the ability to swim tirelessly across vast oceans, the Wave Glider SV3 is a big step forward in the state-of-the-art of unmanned monitoring and exploration."

Learn more about the Wave Glider SV Series and special promotional incentives.

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