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REMUS 100 NG Production Kicks-off in Pocasset

REMUS 100 NG Production Kicks-off in Pocasset

24-Nov-2017 BlueZone Group was pleased to meet with Hydroid in Pocasset, Massachusetts to kick-off the production of REMUS 100 Next Generation (NG) Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Navy project SEA1770 Rapid Environmental Assessment.

BlueZone CEO, Neil Hodges, said that the new Hydroid facility was very impressive with an office and workshop layout that supported on-time production of the REMUS 100 vehicles. "We are every excited to be delivery REMUS 100 NG to the Royal Australian Navy," said Neil, "and Hydroid is a professional partner who are the leading AUV supplier with a track record of delivery to the US Navy and many other military customers world-wide." BlueZone and Hydroid are working closely together to ensure on-time delivery  and to establish an in-country support capability for of REMUS for the RAN.

The REMUS 100 NG will place the RAN at the forefront of navies operating AUV technology. One important feature of the REMUS 100 NG is high-altitude bottom-lock that significantly increases bottom lock capability from 35 to 200 metres enabling accurate underwater navigation. This will reduce the risk to RAN operators who can deploy REMUS from deeper water locations for minefield search tasks and contribute to Navy goals to keep the "man out of the minefield."

 Left to Right - Andrew Hazell (BlueZone GM Defence), Alexander Kern (Hydroid International Sales Representative) and Neil Hodges (BlueZone CEO) at the Hydroid facility in Pocasset, Massachusetts.

 REMUS 100 NG is man portable and will provide a highly capable AUV search and reconnaissance capability to RAN Deployable Geospatial Survey Teams to be equipped by Project SEA1770.


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