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Support to Renewable Energy industry

Support to Renewable Energy industry

25-Sep-2012 UVS is proud to have supplied equipment in support of the award winning SeaUrchin™ Marine Power Generator. Recently recognised as the Overall Winner in the Newcastle Division Engineering Excellence Awards, the SeaUrchin turbine generates base load renewable power using the energy of moving water: tides, free-flowing rivers and ocean streams.

Using experience gained through many years of working in the Offshore Oil & Gas and Oceanograhic industries, UVS is ideally placed to assist with the rapidly growing and leading edge development of marine renewable energy. UVS has provided advice and recommendations for a number of projects and works with a number of innovative overseas suppliers who can provide the right components and equipment to meet the demanding requirements of deployment in the world’s oceans.


 Read more  about the SeaUrchon project on page 354 of the Energy Digital magazine here:


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