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Aquaculture Application Notes

Aquaculture Application Notes

Our portfolio and experience in applications for aquaculture is constantly growing. Please review our applications experience below and check back or subscribe to out newsletter UnderCurrents,, to keep up to date with the latest information. 

Combating Sensor Biofouling in Aquaculture

Underwater aquaculture sensors may require monthly cleaning to ensure continuous operation. Cleaning of subsea oxygen sensors may be mandated by law in some locations and is also critical to the health of the fish being farmed. 
UV light biofouling technology is an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to the practice of injecting poison into the environment to protect the instrumentation. 
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  If your sensors look like this, Contact UVS to inquire about Xchange™ immediately!

Mooring Instrumentation

Working with Teledyne Marine, BlueZone can supply proven, industry-leading instruments you need - all from a single supplier. BlueZone supports Teledyne Marine's One Team sales structure, enabling a single point access for all mooring instrumentation needs, saving you time and money during your sourcing and procurement process, while providing you with the peace of mind that comes from working with the industry's leading experts in their fields.
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Seaeye Falcon for Aquaculture Support

The powerful, portable and versatile Seaeye Falcon Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) has demonstrated its ability to support cleaning and maintenance of deep nets in the aquaculture industry.

Many aquaculture operators have the need to clean and maintain nets so that they can remain in place for longer periods. These larger nets, some of which are up to 25 metres deep, may have to be inspected at least twice a week for holes or damage. Additionally, there is the need to inspect and remove dead fish (morts) to ensure the health of the fish stock.

Larger nets combined with in-water cleaning techniques result in increased fish stocks and reduced operating costs for owners.

The Saab Seaeye Falcon has been used to pioneer in-water net cleaning techniques that allow large nets to remain in place without replacement for extended periods. Historically this inspection and mort removal has been done by divers, but when there are many nets to maintain the use of a Seaeye Falcon ROV has become a more efficient and economical alternative for these routine tasks. Divers can then be utilised more efficiently for providing the cleaning and repair services. Reduced use of divers for routine tasks results in less risk to occupational health and safety.
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 Fish farming in Australia with a successful prototype mort removal scoop

Teledyne SeaBotix for Aquaculture Support

Teledyne SeaBotix produces a range of low logistics ROVs that are ideal for many applications where rapid deployment and ease of setup are key requirements. Packed in rugged cases the SeaBotix ROVs are easy to transit to a site and operations can be run using a standard generator where there is no electrical power available.

The SeaBotix tether is flexible and rugged with no fibre optic components so that it can easily be field repaired in the event of damage. With a working strength of 100kg the tether can be used to launch the ROV and so provides an easy and safe way to get it in an out of the water.


 The LBV300-5 complete system includes the LBV vehicle, Integrated Control System, Tether & Reel and rugged Transit Cases. The total tow case solution is 58.5kg.

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider for Fish Stock Assessment

In South Africa the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has used its expertise in oceanography and developing technology for maritime applications to create a solution to perform more fishery surveys per year, while saving costs. CSIR proposed the Wave Glider platform, with ocean and weather sensors, and a SIMRAD echosounder for the task of gathering fish stock data over long durations for a fraction of the cost of ships.
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 Example of a SIMRAD echosounder integrated with the Wave Glider platform by Sea Technology Services (STS)

Aquatec Environmental Products

Aquatec provides technologies for ocean and environmental monitoring. Technologies include the AQUAscat acoustic suspended sediment profilers, AQUAlogger temperature and depth loggers, AQUAlogger 210TY turbidity logger and AQUAmodem Op1L optical modem.



Underwater Connectors - Fast Turnaround and Low Price

BlueZone strives to maintain a stock of in-demand connector types so that we can meet our customer needs for fast turn-around. If you are planning a project or operational campaign, please contact us ahead of time to see if we stock the connectors that you anticipate you will need or if we can add them to our stock for you. We are always interested to have a conversation with our customers about your needs.
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 BlueZone is the source for an extensive range of off-the-shelf connectors available for immediate delivery.

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