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Sonars and Sub Bottom Profilers

  • OG05 - Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T20P Integration Kit

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    Fast & Easy Deployment of SeaBat® T20P Multi-Beam Echo Sounder

    The OG05 Teledyne Reson T20P Integration Kit provides for fast and easy integration of the SeaBat® T20P Multi Beam Echo Sounder into small boats or other survey vessels as required.
    Using the OG05 Teledyne Reson T20P Integration Kit the complete T20P MBES can be re-packaged from multiple shipping cases to just four rugged cases making for fast mobilisation, easy integration by land, sea or air and fast setup onboard small boats or other survey vessels as required.

    The T20P Integration Kit provides:
    Optimised storage space. Eliminating substantial unnecessary ‘air’ in shipping case configuration
    Reduced weight. Weight is minimised through storage optimisation
    Reduced deployment effort and time. The T20P Integration Kit packages and provides for protected transit with the T20P MBES in the most assembled state possible. This reduces mobilisation time and effort and also reduces the risk of mistakes and minimises the expertise required to setup a system in the field.

    OG05 Teledyne Reson T20P Integration Kit Contents 
    The kit includes the following items that enable compact and easy integration of a complete T20 survey kit.
    These items can be provided separately if required.


    Mounting Assembly - 

    SVP70 TO T20-P 
      Enables the SVP70 Sound Velocity Profiler to be mounted adjacent to the T20P sonar head. This ensures accurate SVP readings from the water volume directly in contact with the sonar head from a stable mounting position provided by a ridged mounting plate.


    Mounting Plate - 
    IMU to T20 Bracket

      Mounts IMU near to the mounting pole of the Universal Sonar Mount and allows easy removal of the IMU from the sonar head assembly.

    Features & Benefits

    Feature                                                                                                             Specification                                                       Benefit                                                                                     
    Universal Sonar
    Mount Cases

    4 Minimised part count for easy transport

    Cases can be shipped by
    commercial airlines

     4 Minimised part count to easy transport

     Maximum Weight per Case
     32kg Cases can be shipped by commercial airlines

    Case Contents

    Case No.       Content  Reference Figure
    01-04 Universal Sonar Mount                                

    Wet End
    Teledyne Reson Seabat T20P
     Mini SVS
    Figure 1
    Figure 2


    Shock mounted rack mount pre-connected:
    T20-P PCS
    RTK Radio Mode

    Figure 3


    Shore/Accessories Case

    2 x R8/R10 GNSS, TSC3, Chargers
    Tribrach and Mount
    Tide Gauge
    Valeport Swift SVP
    SVP and IMU Cable

    Figure 4


    Tripod Bag
    Survey Tripod
    Level Staff
    Tide Staff

    Figure 5

    Figure 1 : Deployed SeaBat® T20P.

    Deployed SeaBat® T20P Features:

    • SeaBat® T20P Integration Kit enables compact and rapid mounting on Universal Sonar Mount
    • Lightweight IMU mount can be made to suit IMU of choice
    • SVP70 mount position profile in undisturbed flow path for optimal readings
    Figure 2 : Case 05 - Packaged Wet End Components.

    Case 05 – SeaBat® T20P Wet End Features

    • Packaged ready for transport complete with cables attached
    • Minimise risk in setup from incorrect cable connection or forcing connectors

    3 : Case 06 - Packaged Dry End Components, Top: Sealed, Bottom: Open End View.

    Case 06 - SeaBat® T20P Processor Features

    • Processor shock mounted and pre-connected
    • Top shelf accommodates any suitably size equipment with multiple securing points
    • Bottom shelf securely mounts T20P processor

    4 : Case 07 Hard Shell Accessory Case, Left: Packed, Right: Unpacked (Sample Equipment).

    Case 07 - SeaBat® T20P Shore/Accessories Case

    • Protect sensitive peripheral equipment
    • Adjust accessories for different applications

    Figure 5 : Canvas Tripod Case, Unpacked (Sample Equipment).

    Case 08 - SeaBat® T20P Shore/Accessories Case

    • Safely transport larger peripherals, e.g. tripod or levelling staff

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