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BlueZone Group Suppliers

BlueZone Group Suppliers

At BlueZone we have worked hard to acquire the knowledge to support the following suppliers and their products. Below we have listed all of our suppliers and the products that they supply. For specific information please Contact Us by email or telephone to discuss your requirement.

Aanderaa Data Instruments  

Sensors and Instruments for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments 


Eletcric AC-ROV – defining the “Hand Carry” class in underwater inspection  

Acoustic Sensing Technology

SewerBatt™: Acoustic sensing technology used to identify defects, breaks or blockages in pipework/drain & sewer pipes.

For further information see UVS Trenchless or contact Eduardo Santos

AML Oceanographic

Sensor Sound velocity, CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) and environmental sensors and instruments.

Aquatec Environmental Monitoring

The Aquatec Group has a diverse portfolio of products for measurement and logging of oceanographic and process parameters including temperature, depth, suspended sediment, motion, orientation, cathodic protection, subsea leaks and marine mammal activity, as well as through and above water data communication systems, and marine mammal deterrents.


Subsea electrical connectors. 


Electro, optical and mechanical cables, Synthetic Fibre Solutions; Umbilical Solutions; Speciality Applications.

DeepSea Power & Light

Subsea imaging products (LED lights, cameras and lasers) but also relief valves and subsea battery modules.

Camera range includes options such as High Definition (HD Multi SeaCam), wide-angle (Wide-i SeaCam and Super Wide-i SeaCam), nano size (Nano SeaCam) and LED light ring (LED Multi SeaCam).

- more information

DeepWater Buoyancy

Syntactic foam instrument buoys and ADCP Buoys, Hydro-Float, Cable Floats, ROV Buoyancy, CoreTec Drilling Riser Buoyancy Modules.


Side scan Sonar, Sub-Bottom Profilers, Bathymetry systems, Underwater Positioning & Navigation, Acoustic Releases & Transponders, 
- more information

Falmouth Scientific Inc

Portable Side Scan Sonar, Portable Low Frequency Acoustic Seismic Profiler BUBBLE PULSAR, Transducers, Current Wave Metres 2D & 3D, Tide Systems, Solar AUV, Underwater Structural Stress Monitoring System.

Focal Technologies (Moog)

Single and multi channel FORJs (Fibre Optic Rotary Joints), Hybrid Electrical and Optical Fibre Slip Ring sets.
- more information

FlowLab Technologies

A complete range of instruments for flow measurement. FlowLab provides instruments with two measurement technologies: electromagnetic and ultrasonic (transit time).

For further information see UVS Trenchless or contact Eduardo Santos

General Acoustics

General Acoustics is a leading edge technology producer of special echo-sounders, water level and wave sensors as well as flow measuring systems.

General Oceanics Inc.

CTD Instruments, Rosette Water Sampling, Niskin Water Samplers, Current Metres, Flow Metres, Plankton and Oil Spill Nets, Data Loggers & Sensors.


Hydrocable: Subsea electrical, optical and hybrid cables and umbilicals.

Hydrobond: Subsea electrical and optical connectors, penetrators and assemblies.

KC Denmark

Water Samplers, Niskin Water Samplers, Sediment Samplers, Van Veen Grabs, Box Corers, Multi Corer, Piston & Gravity Corers, Kajak Samplers, Plankton Nets.

Hydroid Inc

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) REMUS 100, REMUS 600, REMUS 6000, LARS, Gateway Buoy.
- more information 

Kongsberg Maritime

Underwater Colour Cameras, Continuous Pan & Tilt Camera, High Resolution Colour Camera, Colour Zoom Camera, Underwater HDTV HD-SDI Colour Zoom & Digital Camera, Subsea HDTV Compact Colour Zoom Camera, BIT Low Light CCD Camera
- more information

Kongsberg Mesotech

Single beam scanning sonar , Multibeam sonar for ROV navigation and/or mapping (M3), Dual Axis sonar (for long-term seabed or structure monitoring), SAR (Search And Recovery) systems and altimeters.  
- more information

Liquid Robotics Inc

Wave Glider autonomous surface vehicle
  - more information

Marshall Underwater Industries

Underwater-pluggable electrical connectors.

McLane Research Labs Inc

Time-series oceanographic profilers, samplers and glass or steel flotation

Mooring Systems International

Mooring design, coring products, surface buoys, bottom mounts, ladder and track style mounts, instrument frames and ADCP buoys, MOBY Science buoy

Ocean Tools Ltd

Subsea leak, dye & cement detection system (OceanSENSE); ROV & IRM sensors and equipment (CP probe, temperature probe, underwater switch, pan & tilt unit, altimeter, gyrocompass, guide wire anchor, etc); Laser measurement systems (C-Gauge & C-Scan) ; Video & optical products (HDO video overlay, image enhancer, subsea display). 

PMI Industries Inc.

Subsea cable hardware to prevent equipment and cable damage: Evergrip, Dyna-Grip, Cable-Grip, Stopper-Grip, Dyna-Hanger, DAM/BLOCK

PIPA - Pipe Inspection Products & Accessories

Leak detection in pressurised in water, gas and oil pipelines. Detection of leaks in all pipe materials in all pipes types from 100mm diameter and above. The unique microphone magnifies all acoustic patterns to detect leaks that other current market products cannot identify.

For further information see UVS Trenchless or contact Eduardo Santos

RJE International

Acoustic pingers and receivers, Diver Navigation, Diver communication, Diver Sonar, VDR Beacons.

Rochester Cable

Underwater cables for harsh applications: electro-optic tow cables, side-scan sonar tow cables, CTD & instrumentation cables, multiconductor instrumentation cables, coaxial cables, armoured cables, umbilical cables, etc.

Saab Seaeye

All-electric ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles): Falcon, Tiger, Lynx, Cougar-XT/XTi, Panther-XT/XT Plus, Leopard, Jaguar, Sabertooth. 
- more information


Underwater connectors and system solutions, including wet and dry-mate electrical, optical and hybrid connectors and penetrators but also ROV-mateable and explosion-proof connectors.

Severn Marine Technologies - ClearSignal

Antifouling Coating. A clear non-toxic rubber like permanent coating that resists bio fouling as a result of the non-stick properties of the material itself. 

Sidus Solutions

Surveillance and hazardous location cameras, Explosion proof camera systems, Green lasers, Pan & Tilt devices

Scorpion Oceanics

Poly-U kits


Connectors: SOURIAU, JUPITER, BURNDY, M Series
- more information


Underwater connectors

Teledyne Benthos 

Acoustic Modems, Acoustic Releases, Hydrophones, Pingers & locators. 
- more information

Teledyne BlueView

High resolution 2D and 3D multibeam imaging sonars, including the M-Series 2D multibeam imaging and navigation sonar, 3D multibeam profilers and 3D mechanical scanning sonar.
more information      

Teledyne Bowtech

Underwater and harsh environment cameras, lights, strobes and pan & tilt units.
Includes high-definition, zoom, wide-angle, explosion-proof camera options as well as industry-reference LED ROV lights and floodlights. xenon strobes and subsea pan & tilt units.
- more information

Teledyne Caris

CARIS leads in the development of marine GIS software. CARIS offers an effective solution from the processing of the sonar ping to the creation and distribution of charts and data. Contact Mark Hegarty for further information

Teledyne CDL

Subsea inertial navigation systems and motion sensors, including industry-reference gyro systems (TOGS, etc), tilt systems and subsea displays. 

Teledyne Impulse

Underwater connectors and Marine Interconnect Solutions, including rubber moulded GRE connectors, IE55 metal shell electric connectors, wet-mateable metal shell Titan connectors and Ethernet connectors and proximity switches.
- more information

Teledyne Oceanscience

Z-Boat (remotely-operated survey boat), seafloor platforms for ADCPs and instruments, CTD systems, rapidCAST automated underway profiling system.
- more information

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic

Single beam echo sounders, Multibeam echo sounders, Velocimeter.
- more information

Teledyne RD Instruments

-       ADCPs (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) for marine and water measurements, including the industry-reference Workhorse Sentinel, Monitor and Long Ranger but also the RiverRay, RiverPro and StreamPro,
-       CTDs (Current/Temperature/Depth sensors): Citadel series
-       DVLs (Doppler Velocity Logs) for ROVs and subsea applications: Navigator, Explorer and Pioneer DVLs
-More Information

Teledyne Reson

SeaBat Multi-Beam Echo Sounders, Sound velocity probes, Transducers, Hydrophones, PDS2000 Software
- more information

Teledyne Seabotix

All-electric mini ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles): LBV & vLBV.
- more information

Teledyne TSS

Motion Sensors, Navigation Systems, INS / Attitude & Heading Reference Systems, Subsea Pipe and Cable Detection

Tritech International

Multibeam imaging and navigation sonar (Gemini), Scanning sonar (Super SeaPring, Super SeaKing, Micron), DFP Profiling Sonar, Sub bottom profiler, Bathymetric and Oceanographic sensor suites, Pan & Tilt Units, cameras, Micron USBL system, Micron underwater modem. 

- more information

Xeos Technologies

Xeos Technologies Inc has designed oceanographic beacons since 2004. Xeos products work in the most extreme and demanding ocean environments with alarm and tracking products to keep moorings safe by using the latest GPS and Iridium technology. 
Xeos has developed tracking beacons for AUV's and UUV's as well as beacons designed with special materials to prevent fouling in shallow warm waters.

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