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Tasman DVL

Next Generation DVL Technology 

Teledyne RDI’s Tasman DVL represents the next generation of DVL technology, promising to take your navigation to the next level. Teledyne RDI’s long-standing Workhorse Navigator was the first DVL to enter the market and remains the gold-standard for precision subsea navigation around the globe. The new Tasman DVL, with its wide array of advanced features, reduced size, and increased range, has been designed to supersede this industry icon with enhanced broadband signal processing and innovative field-replaceable phased- array transducer design. 

With bottom tracking ranges from 0.15 m to 420 m, in up to 6,000 m water depths, the Tasman delivers a solid, value- priced solution for vehicles ranging from small ROVs to large diameter AUVs. 

The 600 kHz and 300 kHz DVLs combine Teledyne RDI’s proven bottom detection algorithms and single ping bottom location accuracy with its broadband velocity processing technology, providing users with highly reliable precision data for navigation and position processing, even over indeterminate terrain.
Patent pending technology allows you to bottom track up to 160 m altitude with the 600 kHz DVL, and 420 m with the 300 kHz DVL while delivering the same low power consumption and high accuracy.  

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