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Comprehensive Theory complimented by hands-on Practice


BlueZone Group has significant experience in providing training to our customers who operate equipment we supply in multiple applications. We see our training offering as a part of the full service we offer for supply, support and maintenance of high-technology underwater equipment.

Our engineers and technicians are OEM trained and are in constant contact with development in their speciality of underwater technology from ADCPs to Z-Boats. We design our courses around your needs and provide theory and hands-on practical as required to suit the students and the outcome required from the course.

At our facility in Newcastle NSW we have access to a 5.0m deep x 8.0m diameter tank for specialised training in underwater vehicle operations. We can provide our training at our facilities in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth or at your location as required.

Double Eagle Mk II System Technical Course


The Double Eagle Mk II System Technical Course provided an invaluable resource to the Royal Australian Navy during the introduction to service of the Double Eagle Mine Disposal System. Working cooperatively with HMAS Waterhen's Mine Warfare Faculty to develop the course, it provided hands-on experience with the Double Eagle system. The course was delivered through a combination of theory and practical training sessions covering all aspects of the Double Mk II system. The 'hands-on' practical elements of the course are particularly valuable for maintainer training and experience. Course components include:

  • Double Eagle Mk II Vehicle
  • Power Converter unit
  • Automatic Tension Control Winch
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Operations
On completion of this course maintainers are fully competent to support the Double Eagle Mk II Systems.

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Double Eagle Operator Training

This course provides pilots with the necessary skills required to safely pilot an MDV in operational scenarios.

Pilot competency is fundamental to successful MDS operations. If a pilot is confused, unsure or out-of-practice, the probability of mission failure is high. The risk to personnel and equipment safety is also increased as a result.

The key facility for pilot training is a 8-metre diameter x 5-metre deep test tank, allowing full operation of the MDV. This tank allows pilots to develop important skills in MDV operation in a controlled environment. Pilots are able to observe Double Eagles behaviour and fully comprehend the advanced manoeuvring capabilities of the Double Eagle Mk II vehicle.

The result of pilot training is a pilot who is more effective, competent and safer in all operations and is able to attempt complex tasks with confidence.

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Hydrographic Survey Training


BlueZone offers training in Hydrographic Survey products including Single Beam Echo Sounders, Multi Beam Echo Sounders and Hydrographic Survey Software.

Drawing on the wide range of hydrographic survey products represented by BlueZone, we are able to tailor a system offer to suit your application. Industry professionals agree that hydrographic survey systems such as Multi Beam Echo Sounders must be carefully selected to provide the right solution and value-for-money for the application. BlueZone will work with you to determine the final use of your hydrographic data to and recommended the best equipment for your budget and tailor a training package to meet your needs.

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Oceanographic Instrument Training


BlueZone has conducted on systems and equipment including Wideband Multibeam Sonar System to supplement existing Navy Single Beam Echo Sounder and Side Scan Sonars.

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Saab Seaeye Falcon Operator/Maintainer Training


To get the most from your Falcon vehicle students should attend a two day operator/maintainer course. The course is conducted at our facility at Newcastle, NSW and includes extensive use of our 5.0m deep x 8.0m diameter training tank. This tank provides the capability to view the Falcon in action from all angles (including underwater view ports) and enables an operator to become fully confident in all operations. Falcon tooling and other options can also be demonstrated so that you can try-before-you-buy.

Our maintenance instructors are trained by the OEM, Saab Seaeye, and will provide complete instruction on Falcon field maintenance and support.

Students who complete this course will have a full knowledge of the Falcon system and be able to maintain and operate it with safety.

For more information, please download our Falcon Training Syllabus brochure or contact BlueZone Group.

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Teledyne SeaBotix LBV Training


BlueZone provides options for east coast and west coast training in Teledyne SeaBotix systems.

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Seabotix LBV Training

Teledyne SeaBotix and BlueView Simulator for Efficient Operator Training


Simulation based training supports rapid skill development for ROV pilots when fast proficiency development is required. The simulations support realistic training and operation of sonars, manipulators and a range of measures. The simulation supports assessment of proficiency and training can be conducted without the need for continued presence of experienced training supervisors.

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